When NASA was involved with New York's Urban Tech in the 1970s

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Here’s a story about the NASA/NYC Applications Project that some of you may enjoy.

The fundamental problems of applying technology to city problems at scale has changed little in the past 50 years.

I am curios what you all think about “tech transfer agents” as a dedicated role in Urban Tech. Seems like a lot of us do it in isolation but there appears to be a disconnect somewhere.

The NASA-NYCAP involved appointing a few “technology-transfer agents” whose primary role was to match major city problems with existing NASA technology. These problems were identified and defined along with city officials and described in a short Problem Statement which included a description of:

  • The need as defined by city officials,
  • Historical background of the problem,
  • Constraints and specifications applicable to potential solutions,
  • Prior technology and its shortcomings.
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