Welcome to the Urban Tech Forum

Informally, we define urban tech as “tech to improve urban life for communities, businesses, local governments, while respecting the environment”.

The juxtaposition of both terms “urban” and “tech” is not a happy coincidence. Urban settings and technologies have always shared a symbiotic relationship. Technology gets invented in cities because of the collisions of ideas: Florence (Renaissance), Paris (Les Lumières), London (industrial revolution), etc. Cities scale up thanks to technology: trains and cars to grow in distance, elevators to grow in height, etc.

Cities will host 70% of the world population by 2050.
Cities represent today 80% of the GDP.
Cities amount to 70% of our current energy usage and carbon emissions.
Large cities are more powerful than nation-states.

Whether one wants to make the world a better place, to have a huge impact on people and the planet, or to build a successful business, cities are where the action will be and urban tech will play a key role.

So, let’s talk urban tech!

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