The Gray New Deal : An digitally native approach to track, manage, and maintain city assets

ARGO was a finalist for 2019 Big Apps where I pitched a Gray New Deal to any city agency to explore new paradigms identify, maintain, and maintain public assets.

A similar approach is being applied in Aircraft maintenance and a version of this was also nicely articulated by a DoITTT staff : CityWide Asset Ledger (CAL)

PS : I didnt use the B-word :shushing_face:

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Varun, have you connected with anyone at GISMO?

I did a studio project with a couple folks at GISMO who are working extremely hard to get NYC to adopt a more aggressive approach towards keeping tracks of its infrastructural assets.

Gismo held this event recently that was apparently pretty succesful:

Alan Leidner, featured in the article, might be someone interesting for you to meet:

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There are two elements in your proposal:

  1. digitization of information
  2. use of the blockchain

The problem is that (2) requires (1). And people often ask for (2) when they only need (1).

Having unique identifiers is key. Google Maps and Foursquare enabled SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) by providing APIs with unique identifiers to let people reference local businesses, e.g. for reviews.

@AdrianTurcato yes Alan and Mary Mcmormick are amazing and a source of inspiration and support for Gray New Deal.

ARGO is a partner project of FCNY.

We’ve connected before and GISMO’s MUDDI protocol is good but I’ve personally found it hard to grok.

@urbantech-admin before leaping feet first into (2), I think there needs to be some explicit effort to define digitally encodable rules for maintenance. At it’s most basic form it’s a list of if if-this-then-that statements that eventually become smart contracts.


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