Some early stats about the forum's userbase

I ran a few scripts against the user database using the Discourse API. The location is based on the IP address used by the user to connect to the site.

Here are some stats per country:

'Canada': 1,
'France': 5,
'Germany': 1,
'Israel': 2,
'Japan': 1,
'Mexico': 2,
'Spain': 2,
'Switzerland': 1,
'United Kingdom': 1,
'United States': 59

And for the US, by state:

'California': 6,
'Massachusetts': 2,
'Michigan': 3,
'New Jersey': 4,
'New York': 42,
'Pennsylvania': 2

This is a good start, but we have a long way to go ::slight_smile:

So, please tell your friends to join.

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