Ontologies for urban planning, city management, smart cities, etc

I am looking for concrete examples of ontologies being used in the context of urbantech and related tools that have been deployed.

Here are a few items I have found:

Good papers to read:

But I could not find so far an OWL/RDF ontology I can use and query using SPARQL.

More findings:

Dutch peeps are all about those SPARQL queryable ontologies:
Lots of turtles and owls here, focused around Smart Grid solutions.

I found the page searching for one of the ontologies published here, the Common Information Model, followed by for example the Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) (aka Green Button) Standard. I have no idea how alive/up to date these ontologies are, I’d say contact the people on the bottom of that page, Laura Daniele seems like a great ally on your search: https://www.tno.nl/en/collaboration/find-a-tno-employee/dr-laura-daniele/cid20406/

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