Looking for COVID-19 re-opening playbooks

I am looking for good examples of playbooks and guidelines to help businesses re-open. Here what I have found so far.

Small Business Coronavirus Reopening Guide
from https://www.uschamber.com/co/start/strategy/small-business-coronavirus-reopening-guide

Looking to reopen your store? Here’s how Target does it.
and the 60 page PDF booklet from Target

The Reopening Playbook: What US Employers Should Be Thinking About Right Now
from https://www.bakermckenzie.com/en/insight/publications/2020/04/the-reopening-playbook


For restaurants, check The Role of Architecture in Fighting COVID-19:
Spatial Strategies for Restaurants in Response to COVID-19
, by MASS Design Group.

@sahuguet We compiled an exhaustive Trello board of policies and guidelines from around the web here:

Check the sources list for a bunch of other resources.

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