How do you keep up with urban tech?

I find most of the events I am interested in through meet-up groups, blogs and podcasts. Most commonly, I attend:

  • Transit Techies: Very cool group that meets about every month to talk transit

  • I subscribe to a lot of CityLab and also listen to the Sidewalk Labs podcast (but they now talk about mass timber than anything else)

  • I go to a bunch of conferences (or un-conferences) like Transportation Camp

Any other resources that I should be looking at?

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I also love this fairly liberal news-outfit called The City

Hah! Yeah I also get the Sidewalk labs newsletter, but youโ€™re right, they tend to repeat topics a lot.

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My personal cheat-sheet:




I will keep compiling these resources at .


Another interesting newsletter, from the Aspen Institute.

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Also, Bloomberg Philanthropies Spark newsletter
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