Ghost Road (book)

Great book by @anthonymobile about autonomous vehicles and the impact on urban life as we know it. See


Here are few gems from the book:


Moving people isn’t the killer app for AV; moving stuff is.

Data & Privacy issues

While future AVs will mostly be electric, in lieu of tailpipe gases they’ll leave behind a new form of toxic sludge — a sensor trail that tells all about us, where we’ve been, and who we’ve met along the way.

The first at-scale AI experiment

AVs will be our first long-term, large-scale test case of cohabitation with artificial intelligence.

For teens, a car is something to be summoned with a few swipes.


While self-dring merely glorifies the marvels of meticulous machines, driverless defines progress as the removal of human deficiency.

AVs are as autonomous as we think

In fact, they [AVs] are turning out to be the most infrastructure-dependent ever created!

Urban fracking

As fracking upended the oil industry by giving new life to old fields, […], so the driverless future offers to free up whole new neighborhoods. Page 190

Revenue consequences

AVs will decimate two essential sources of revenue of many municipalities — parking fees and traffic fines.

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