At Newlab: Building the Future with 5G

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A new future is on the horizon. 5G will unlock step changes in industrial automation, healthcare, energy, transportation, and financial services, to name a few, in ways previously thought unfathomable. The 5G Studio, created by Verizon and Newlab, using Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, will build and test applications foundational to the future state of the fourth industrial revolution.

Chief Product Officer at Newlab, Satish Rao, will moderate a discussion about the possibilities of 5G and how true industry collaboration enables sector-wide transformations. The event will cover the Newlab studio model as a collaboration catalyst and how the 5G Studio will build, vet, and pilot applications that will transform industries, sectors, and the world.

Moderated by:

Satish Rao - Chief Product Officer, Newlab

Featuring Special Guests:

  • Elise Neel - VP, New Business Incubation, Verizon
  • Jiren Parikh - CEO, Ghost Robotics
  • Miriam Eaves - Head of Origination, BP LaunchPad
  • Myron K. Burke - Founder & Principal, Divergent Technology Advisors, ex-Walmart’s Store 8
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