Ami, the tiny cube on wheels that French 14-year-olds can drive

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These mini cars have been circulating in Rome for at least 10-15 years. And they spread throughout the peninsula. For the aflfuent kids whose parents prefer to buy a car like this at 14 - you don’t need a license to drive it - instead of a scooter or small motorcycle (below 50cc). Without any intention to be disparaging your post, I dont understand why this received so much press.

No idea. I guess this is something to distract us from the COVID-19 constant stream of bad news :slight_smile:

Speaking of Rome and Italy, they have been using scooters (vespa) forever.

In Paris, 10 years ago there was a 3-wheeled scooter frenzy (easier to ride), so much so that 1/2 lane of the “Periphérique” was being the de-facto lane for scooter (not very safe).

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